Work With Me

If you are a woman facing a health crisis or challenge, and want the support of a powerful and loving coach to help you heal your body, mind, and spirit… you’re in the right place. Take a look at my signature offerings below and choose the one that’s right for you!


20-Minutes 2 THRIVE

A FREE 20 minute Laser Coaching session where we clarify the most powerful next step that moves you toward joyful, radical wellness and kick-start your physical healing.

Gain courage to take action and feel a greater sense of empowerment TODAY.

To learn more about 20-Minutes 2 THRIVE and schedule your FREE session, click here.


Guts’n Grace

A six-week online course where I help you SHIFT from your health crisis or challenge to a state of empowerment, so that you can THRIVE.

Learn how to take RESPONSIBILITY for your own wellness, practice radical SELF-CARE and rediscover a sense of JOY.

To find out more about Guts’n Grace and get on the healing path, click here.


For Groups

Are you organizing a conference or event related to women’s wellness? Want it to be the most memorable and engaging one yet? I can help.


Living in Motion: Conference Weaving & Group Energizers

 In countries around the world, people use music and movement to bring groups together. It works. And it’s fun!

  • Through music, people express feelings, set collective intentions and align with one another intuitively.
  • Through movement, people raise their energy, build excitement and begin to “embody” what they stand for.

THIS is exactly what I’d most love to do at your next event. Click here to find out more.