Voice Improvisation

a musical adventure for everybody

I’ll bet you SING in the SHOWER. Or in your car when NOBODY’s LISTENING?

I’ll bet you LOVE to sing, but you have some worries about whether the people around you love it quite so much.

Or maybe singing is your life’s work… so you’ve lost some of the pleasure that comes with singing JUST FOR FUN. And, you hate to admit it but STILL you don’t always have total confidence in your own voice. Ssshhhh…

Whatever your story, The Soundproof Room is a place for you.


What is the Soundproof Room?

The Soundproof Room is a Monday night voice improvisation class that I hold in Berkeley. I welcome all people, from professionally trained singers to total beginners, to join in the fun.

Our goals are to connect as a community, find healing through music, expand ourselves personally, and to enjoy playing with sound.


What do you do in The Soundproof Room?

At the Soundproof Room we make music on the spot. That means, every week is a little bit different. What happens depends a lot on who shows up.

What I CAN promise is that we will follow these basic GROUNDRULES:

  • We use only voice in our improvisation. Because everybody has a voice, everyone is considered an equal player.
  • We are curious about our own voices (how they sound, what they can do) and we explore what’s possible, rather than judge good, bad, right or wrong.
  • We respect one another. We listen to one another. We collaborate.
  • We don’t compare ourselves to others. Rather we celebrate what we enjoyed about each composition, and each person’s contribution, especially our own.
  • We believe in the healing power of sound vibration. We use sound to express our feelings, empathize with one another, and unlock our potential.
  • We welcome all kinds of emotions and expressions (except for those that may offend others in the group).
  • We try new things that we’ve never tried before, and hold space for one another to grow.


Here are some examples of the exercises we do

Open the Voice

Making long vowel sounds to warm up the voice. Moving from one shared tone to harmony. Sensing the impact of the sound in your body, and attuning to the group.


Call and Response

Taking turns leading call and response of long tones, with a drone as a unifying background noise. Expressing emotion through sound. Empathizing with the caller.


Medicine Melody

Supporting one participant in singing a simple, spontaneously created melody. Experimenting with accompaniment and harmony. Sending healing vibrations to ourselves and others.


Three-Part Circle Improv

Creating an improvised composition with several parts. Building on the musical theme of another participant. Practicing “stepping in” to an ongoing composition.


Make a Composition for a single Rasa (Emotion)

Using a single emotion word as a prompt, creating a collective sound or composition represents that feeling.  Capturing the essence of emotion through music.



Sound like fun? Are you ready to join us?

I currently run The Soundproof Room bookings through the site MeetUp.com. Sessions cost $10 and are limited to 11 participants.  If you’d like to come sing with us, here’s what to do:

Step One: visit our MeetUp page http://www.meetup.com/The-Soundproof-Room/

Step Two: JOIN the group for FREE and answer a few basic questions about YOU

Step Three: SIGN-UP for the next session when you are available

You’re done!

Pay in advance through this secure PayPal link.


One More Thing

I know what it’s like to try something new. Woah! Scary right?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll look at this page, say “I’ll think about it,” and go on with your day, forgetting the whole thing till you hear about it again.

Don’t wait!

If you LOVE to sing, no matter how scary it is, take my advice and go sign up RIGHT NOW. Join the group, and pick a FIRST NIGHT.

I promise, your voice will thank you!


Words of Praise

I am excited to be attending the voice improvisation sessions with LeeAnn. She is a wonderful, inventive and inspiring group leader and a gracious host. The vocal improv games are my favorite. I remember the sheer joy of vocalizing and singing for its own sake at these meetings. I look forward to more fun and exploration at this MeetUp. – Laurel Thompson


Last week was my fourth time at this MeetUp and it was great. I’m really hooked on voice improv plan to keep attending as often as I can. I always get valuable new insights and awareness of myself and the people around me. – Jose Arce


Each time I come to a voice improv session with LeeAnn, I leave knowing a little bit more about myself and feeling more free from the pressure and stress of our busy society.  The sound is warm and comforting. I have even experienced the release of a constant pain felt in my chest after one session involving toning with the voice.  LeeAnn is great and her presence is safe, warm and inviting – I give her my highest recommendation. – Katie Owens


A wonderful experience! Great group. Gentle and inspiring, organizer LeeAnn led the group in a series of exercises that had us singing full out by the end of the meet. At the end I felt clear and energized. – Stefanie Nagorka


Great group even though it was small. The leader was confident, friendly and led the exercises gracefully. I will go back. – Bayon


It was really fun, LeeAnn is a great teacher, organized & flexible, I go to music camps back East, but I’ll be back! – Alison Cardinet