Three Powerful Influences

Learning as Leadership – A Revolution in Your Evolution

Learning as Leadership, located in San Rafael, CA, serves clients from around the world who are ready to go beyond traditional leadership training courses to create change that really sticks. Focusing on the individual-level dysfunctions that lead to negative team dynamics, LAL programs tackle the ego drivers and reactive behaviors that derail us from our noblest goals.

Learning as Leadership partners with executives teams to create organization-wide culture change initiatives that lead to greater collaboration, stewardship and synergy at work.

Strozzi Institute – Embody Your Leadership Potential

The Strozzi Institute, located in Petaluma, CA, specializes in Embodied Leadership training. The Strozzi Institute programs include physical practices that address the whole human being – body, mind and spirit. Leaders literally learn to walk their talk, showing up with greater authenticity, believability and confidence to tackle the commitments that matter most. Leaders also discover the importance of compassion, of taking care of their own needs and developing a sustainable work-life balance.

The Strozzi Institute offers a certification program for managers and executive coaches in Somatic Coaching, a one-on-one leadership development technique that draws from the martial art Aikido.

Nia Technique – Through Movement We Find Health

The Nia Technique, located in Portland, OR, offers training in Nia: the original body-mind-spirit fitness program. Nia Technique movement is safe and beneficial for bodies of every gender, shape and size. In addition, it’s joyful and fun. In contrast to traditional “no pain, no gain” fitness programs, Nia guides us to use pleasure and pain as a compass to honor the body’s natural way. Using every muscle and joint by design, Nia has served its practitioners as a virtual fountain of youth for nearly thirty years.

The Nia Technique offers Nia teacher certification programs around the world, as well as movement workshops, community events and personal development opportunities.