The Sacred Flame

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The Sacred Flame

“If we are the ones we’ve been waiting for… why wait?” ~ Goddess Alchemy Project


There is a sacred fire within.


It’s part of your soul. It burns for you. It burns even when you forget your soul’s purpose. It burns even when you think you’ve sold out, though it may go underground. It burns louder or softer, in proportion to the amount you censor yourself in order to look good to others. It burns faster or slower, in proportion to the degree to which you’re willing to trust your own intuition and lean IN – to embrace the flames as potentially creative, rather than simply destructive. It burns hotter or cooler, in proportion to the degree to which you are willing to say Yes. And Yes. And Yes to your heart’s deepest desires.


There is a sacred fire without.


It’s part of your community. It’s made up of the people places and things you surround yourself with. It challenges you. Wrecks you. Taunts you. It burns away the karmic ties you’ve agreed to release in this lifetime. It burns faster and more furious, the harder you resist. It burns mercilessly, the more tightly you cling. The fire knows that mercy isn’t what your soul signed up for. Not really. Not this time. The fire doesn’t use “safe words.” Sometimes when you scream “enough” into the flames, they rage back hotter, proving once and for all that you can take a LOT more than you typically give yourself credit for.  The fire takes you to our knees. And in your surrender, you finally taste the freedom your longing & resistance never quite made possible.


This week I am cultivating a relationship with fire. I invite you to join me. Rather than be swept into the flames, caught by a wave that defiantly washes against you, seemingly out of control…  I invite you to dance directly in it’s path and ask boldly, like a prayer: what do the flames of your sacred fire have to offer you right now?


As you dance,


I invite you to notice your passion. The voice inside that, no matter how loudly or softly it speaks, never fails to turn your head.


I invite you to notice your resistance. The endless string of thoughts that seemingly stand for your necessary protection, yet in truth hold you always one arms length away from the heat of your passionate flame.


I invite you to notice your diversions. The actions and stories that take up sooooo much space… that feel soooo important… that capture your attention and distract you from the heat of the fire you’ve been praying for all this time.


I invite you to notice your boundless desire. The irreverent, irresistible, undeniably tempting wants that tug at your shirt sleeve when you turn away. The howling in the night that refuses to let you stay asleep one second longer.


I invite you to notice your light. Just who set this fire ablaze, anyhow? Was it… could it be you? Do you know how beautiful you are?


Do you?


In your movement practice this week, take a chance and let yourself feel the full force of your own fire. Let go. Jump. Dance. Kick. Punch. Spin. LAUGH. Make love. Talk loudly. Let your inner beast drive for a while. Taste heat. Touch speed. Hear the pulse of your own blood in your ears. Slow down and feel the burn as the flames rise up from your belly lick at the sleepy places inside your soul.


As you activate the fire in you through physical intensity and desire-based movement, notice what feels GOOD to set free. Let yourself have your moment. There’s nothing more to make happen. No trying. Just doing. Feel your body’s impurities melt with those of your soul and mind… and let them burn away.


In the rest of your life, I offer two questions to chew on:


What do I BURN for? What timeless passion gets ignited and reignited in my soul, at every turn, no matter how hard I try to out-run or avoid it? What grabbed me long ago and never broke hold?


How does my community serve as a sacred fire RIGHT NOW? How are the people, places and situations around me custom-built to help me burn through past versions of me and come out – like a phoenix from the ashes – more fully alive?


Take a risk and let yourself really feel it. Then lean into the flames. Choose one action to take that would intentionally stoke your fire.


I dare you. Do it now.



Dancing in the flames,






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  1. LeeAnn, of all the ones to miss…I wish it hadn’t been this one. How relevant it is to me now. Beautiful post. Taking it with me today on my journey. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. This is great advice for everyone. Consider your passion and find a way to include it in your life every day!

  3. LeeAnn, it seems that you are always reading my Soul …! :)

    Thank you for sharing your Fire.

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