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Inspired, Sustainable Leadership Starts with the Body

Permission to Thrive is a 12-week group-coaching program for women leaders, visionaries and change-makers. The course teaches leadership and personal sustainability tools that are crucial for women who want to maximize the energy they have available to pursue their passion.  Permission to Thrive is designed to take you out of the box of traditional leadership models and into the wisdom of your body. In the course, you will cultivate a series of practical habits at home and at work (that really work), so that you can THRIVE.

Keep reading to find out more.


Welcome. I’m SO glad you’re here.

But let me guess… you have something else you ought to be doing. Right?

This is the paradox.

I get it. I’m a woman, and a change-maker, like you.

While there’s nothing more appealing than the idea of living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle while getting everything important done, it can feel like you’d have to be Superwoman in order to have it all.

I know. There are calls to make, meetings to attend, reports to complete, money to make, maybe even kids to feed and a household to run. In all of that, “sustainable” is a buzzword that hopefully will take care of itself if you just keep plodding along… and THRIVING sounds like new-age magic that probably can’t co-exist with the reality of your intense and important mission.

I know that the last thing you want to hear me say is “it’s simpler than you think,” because you’ve heard that before, and it hasn’t been.

But that’s what I’m here for. To talk to you about things that might sound out of reach… AND to show the very practical, somewhat surprising, and very accessible path to creating them.

My goal is to help you get EVEN MORE COMMITTED to YOUR DESIRE than your skepticism and to help you forge a path to THRIVING. As a coach, I teach practical magic and provide a TON of moral support: equal parts BIG empathy and TOUGH love. Oh yeah, AND a healthy dose of Joy. But we’ll get to that!

If you’re interested in having that kind of support in your corner, keep reading. You’re in the right place.


What do I mean by THRIVING?

What if I were to tell you that healthy, sustainable lifestyle was about WAY more than simply checking the box of exercising a few times a week and drinking a green smoothie?

You want it ALL right?

You want to maintain your commitment to your important projects, while at the same time feeling fully alive. You want to feel less stressed, more empowered, physically healthier, emotionally happier… and frankly, more in control of your life. You want to spend quality time with the people you love and feel the energy of excitement run through your body as you walk down the street jazzed about the day to come.

And that’s what this course is about. In fact, I’d like to hold you accountable to ALL the pleasures you’ve been denying yourself in life. And more.

Because THAT’s exactly what it takes to cultivate the kind of energy YOU need to Thrive as a passionate woman in this world.

That’s right… it isn’t about waiting till the time when all your other commitments are done. It’s about taking empowered action toward your own well being as an integral PART of your critical path to success.

If you’re feeling a little nervous reading this, it’s normal. It’s incredibly hard for us women to trust that both are possible. And it’s even harder for us to consider putting ourselves first.  But the truth is: It’s actually your commitment to YOURSELF that will make ALL the difference in your capacity to sustain yourself as a leader, visionary or change-maker over time.

And if you’ve found your way to this page and you DON’T see your self as those things yet… I have a hunch there’s a lot more of YOU to uncover.


My Personal Invitation to You:

In Permission to Thrive, I will teach you all the basics of an energizing, healthy, sustainable lifestyle that is SO effective and fulfilling that you’ll nearly forget the excuses you had for avoiding it in the past. If you join me on the path, I commit to helping you go-to-bat for your own daily well-being… so that you can serve your mission at your highest capacity for years to come.

And, I’ll show you a few every-day magic tricks I’ve learned about THRIVING along the way.


By the way, there is one more really important thing you should know.

MOST health and wellness focused programs, great as they may be, fail to account for something that is CRUCIAL for your thriving. They are designed to address the external symptoms, not the deeper causes of your fatigue.

Of course, this is important. It helps you get back on track in the moment. But it’s also why you might find yourself saying, “I tried that already…” when your habits fall off a few months later. These programs rarely produce the deeper shifts that lead to long-term sustainability.


Your solution: Permission to Thrive

Permission to Thrive is specifically designed to help you FILL IN the CRUCIAL MISSING PIECE that isn’t covered in standard leadership training protocols OR in typical health and wellness programs. AND, as you move through the course, will build the platform for a sustainable, thriving LIFESTYLE that you can maintain over time… while learning to recognize the ENERGY LEAKS in your system that could derail you.

If that sounds appealing, have a look at the course details below and sign up to get started today.


Nuts, Bolts & Course Details

Permission to Thrive is a twelve-week online course and group-coaching program, based in a unique body-mind integration methodology backed by 30+ years of research and development. The program features short weekly podcasts, one group coaching session per week with a powerful and supportive embodiment coach, optional one-on-one coaching sessions, and access to a private community of like-minded women who are committed to building a lifestyle of sustainability, passion and leadership.

You will also receive

  • Coaching on your deeper purpose
  • Access to blog posts describe a simple, practical approach to more embodied leadership
  • Music playlists that improve your mood and increase your productivity
  • Easy-to-follow movement videos and audios, that free the spirit and increase energy
  • Optional access to private relationship coaching


Course Benefits

  • You will shift your misconceptions about personal sustainability, and learn what it REALLY takes to THRIVE
  • You will learn to listen to your BODY’S WISDOM so you can make empowered choices that FREE YOUR TIME
  • You will plug the invisible ENERGY LEAKS that prevent you from operating at your highest capacity
  • You will begin to feel the difference between THRIVING and DRIVING, and create a new benchmark for your leadership approach
  • You will have energy ENERGY to focus on the mission you serve, and more access to the PASSION that fuels you
  • Your COMMITMENT to YOURSELF will skyrocket, so that you can live a fully meaningful and thriving lifestyle
  • AND you will stand as PERMISSION for other women around you to do the same

Course Results

My previous clients have gone from

  • Feeling exhausted, anxious and frustrated in their leadership roles to feeling more confident, relaxed and approachable
  • Feeling challenged by difficult relationships at home or at work, to confidently and competently navigate these relationships
  • Struggling with their bodies in the face of a health challenge that impacted work, to creating a collaborative partnership for success
  • Feeling at the mercy of their calendars, to designing a creative, flexible, spacious schedule that restored work life balance by and helping them get more done in less time
  • Over-giving and putting their own needs last, to asking for help, receiving support and feeling a sense of abundance
  • Feeling uninspired by the daily grind, to taking more meaningful action toward their mission and feeling “on purpose”

My clients have also successfully:

  • Competed for and received promotions
  • Learned to improve difficult dynamics with team members
  • Repaired or ended painful personal relationships and built more supportive relationships
  • Designed an impromptu self-guided sabbatical
  • Re-negotiated the conditions of their roles
  • Made peace with their own imperfections
  • Discovered how to deal with their emotions more effectively
  • Improved their fitness and felt healthier
  • Re-united with old hobbies that brought them Joy

 (Feel free to scroll down and read some testimonials from my past clients.)


Who can benefit from this course?

Permission to Thrive is designed for women who serve others, and are ready to create a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle that supports their mission.

This course is for you if you:

  • face daily challenges that require you to be at the top of your game
  • want to have more energy for your work
  • believe that personal wellness is an important component in successful leadership
  • sometimes feel disconnected from your personal life
  • have a hard time accessing your passion in the face of the daily grind
  • have ever heard someone say “I don’t know how you do it…”
  • want to avoid the risk of burnout down the road
  • are tired of choosing between getting things done and thriving
  • simply want to feel more alive

Your ATTITUDE will determine your success in the course. Regardless of your starting point, if you’re ready to do what it takes to sharpen up your lifestyle and honor your personal mission, you can benefit from this course.


Still want to know more? You’re a woman who wants all the facts! Click HERE to read the week-by-week goals and promises of this course.

Or contact me at 415-342-6003 or to find out exactly what you can expect to learn during our twelve weeks together.


Are you ready to THRIVE?

Great. After you sign up, you will receive your INTRODUCTION PACKAGE and can begin designing your sustainable leadership approach immediately. I am capping the next class at just 20 women, in order to create the most intimate and supportive environment.

The next Permission to Thrive course begins January 23rd, 2015. The cost is $650 (though I do have a few need based scholarships available for leaders in the non-profit for-purpose space).


Sign Up TODAY!

If you are ready to sign up, or would like to explore how the course can specifically benefit you, email me to schedule a brief conversation today. Contact me at or 415-342-6003.


Want MORE? THRIVE Gold Package is now Available

You are a woman who likes to dive right in. Just for you, there IS a way to go even deeper, quicker and get the FULL BENEFIT of my support, while tailoring the course to meet your very specific needs.

In this round of Permission to Thrive, I will be offering a private coaching package designed to coordinate with the course, to 12 women leaders who want MORE. With this package you get 1-2 45-minute private coaching sessions per month, over the 3 months of the course, plus 75 minute needs evaluation and starter session to kick off your program before the official course begins.

This Gold Permission to Thrive course package, regularly valued at over $2,750, is available for just $1,800 to those leaders who want it ALL, and are ready to dive in TODAY.


Money Back THRIVE Guarantee

By the way… I believe so strongly that Permission to Thrive can support you to create the sustainable leadership lifestyle you desire that I’m willing to offer you a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  If you dive in, do ALL of your assignments, complete ALL weekly exercises, come to ALL of our classes, ask questions, and you do not feel you have increased your level of sustainability, I will happily return your money.

Still have a few questions? Let’s chat.


Ready to SIGN UP?

I’m glad to hear it. The only thing between you and your path is COMMITMENT. I’ve found in my own life that mountains start to move when I take the first step.

Remember, I am capping the next class at just 20 women, and the next course begins early September 2014. You get the benefit of twelve weeks of group coaching support for just $600.

Trust me. You are in the right place.

I guarantee that taking twelve weeks of your life to “put your own airmask on first” WILL leave you more equipped to DO the work you love, and BE the woman you were born to be. Whatever the mission you serve.


Sign Up TODAY!

Or contact me to book a complimentary 20 minute THRIVE Strategy Session. or 415-342-6003.


Praise, Kudos & Thank You’s From a Few Women I Love

In case you’re curious about what it’s like to work with me, check out what some of my past clients have to say about my support.


I was introduced to LeeAnn Mallorie about two years ago when I was asked to attend leadership development and LeeAnn was my coach. I fought her up until I met her. I pushed, she hung in there with me while I worked thru some very challenging issues. I respect LeeAnn and value her guidance. She helped me thru some very difficult issues. I trust her and respect her work. She is a shiny light in this most difficult world.  ~ Danielle Phillips, Vice-President of Human Resources, Garlock Sealing Products, USA


I met LeeAnn at a challenging point in my life. Outwardly, I would have been considered successful. However, I was struggling inside.  Through coaching with LeeAnn, I made dramatic shifts in my life. Her support and guidance were integral in helping me see how my actions were getting me exactly what I didn’t want – pushing people away, feeling like a victim, and living in fear.  

By meeting me where I was and holding me accountable in a compassionate way, LeeAnn helped equip me to make different and better choices. Now I am more centered than I ever have been, with more joy in my life. LeeAnn helped me to recognize that I was missing the present moment, which I now recognize as a beautiful gift.   ~ Danielle Scaturro, Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, New York, NY


Thank YOU LeeAnn for your support in our coaching sessions.  When I talk to you, it’s like me saying, LeeAnn, I can’t get through this brick wall.  And you tell me, have you considered it may be made of something else? And so I try, OK, this is a wall of cotton, and I walk right through it.  Amazing! ~ Aryani Ong, Board Chair, Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Literacy, MD, USA


My session with LeeAnn Mallorie was restorative, balanced, and quite helpful.  I am a certified massage therapist/health professional so I am quite selective about who I will trust to work with me. LeeAnn brings a natural intuition and professionalism to her work that was evident to me within the first few minutes of our session.  The goals we set at the onset of our session were fulfilled. I sincerely feel comfortable recommending her work. ~ Polly St. John-Hughes, Biopro Consultant, San Rafael, CA, USA


What the MEN are Saying 

Yes! In other functions, I do also support men leaders who want to thrive. As you can imagine, it looks a little different. But the challenges they face aren’t that different than your own. Here’s what THEY have to say about working with me…


LeeAnn kept me growing in one of the most difficult times of my life.  As a coach, LeeAnn combines in depth knowledge of human behavior, and intellectual brilliance, authenticity, emotional connectedness, and empathy; along with a gift for listening at multiple levels. Her ability to bring who she is to what she does made her extremely effective in coaching me through a major health crisis. ~ Roger Ford, Los Angeles, CA, USA


“LeeAnn’s coaching style was very direct yet compassionate. Through her coaching, I learned the real meaning of empathy and opening my heart while improving my work life balance. She also helped me in defining who is the leader that I most want to be, re-sparking my passion and gearing up for a role change.” ~ Cetin Duransoy, Fortune 200 Financial Institution, USA


I can’t say enough about the value LeeAnn Mallorie has added to my professional development journey. Over the past nine months, she has worked to help me better understand my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for growth, and most importantly, the tendencies that were holding me back. She’s revolutionized the lens through which I see myself — driving me to approach professional challenges in new, more productive and more satisfying ways — for both me and my organization. Her style has prompted valuable self reflection and a personal evolution that’s yielded tools and perspectives to improve me as a leader, colleague and person. She has a keen ability to listen carefully, probe honestly and dissect issues in a way that promotes self discovery. And she’s not afraid to challenge me when I fall into my old traps! LeeAnn’s guidance has broadened my perspective, heightened my awareness and improved my confidence — and for that I’m deeply grateful. ~Joseph Stefko, President/CEO CGR, USA


LeeAnn slowly and skillfully, through insightful questions and caring comments, lifted a mirror to me, focusing my attention inward to find my part in a very difficult relationship. Before our work together I felt boxed-in. Always patient, LeeAnn was instrumental in helping me pivot my thoughts, feelings and actions. It has been a game-changer for me. ~ Bill Darden, Chief Engineer, US Government Agency, MD, USA