Nia Technique

fusion fitness for the body, mind and spirit... enjoy!

Nia draws from DANCE, MARTIAL ARTS, and healing arts like YOGA to create safe, enjoyable movement that engages your body, mind and spirit. Done BAREFOOT to diverse and inspiring music, Nia is a transformational movement practice.

  • Nia is creative, lively and fun. No two classes are ever quite the same.
  • Nia class is welcoming to all kinds of bodies and all experience levels, with zero judgment. Nia gives you permission to be yourself.
  • Nia works with the design of the body, so you can get exactly what your body needs without overdoing it. And you’ll feel amazing in your body after doing Nia.
  • Nia offers many healing benefits in a single class format. You will feel alive and rejuvenated after just one hour of Nia.
  • Nia class is an environment where you can nurture your body, fall in love with and care for yourself, so that you can go back into the world with the energy to give your gift to others.

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Nia is like chocolate… you have to taste it!

Current Class Info

Nia Technique: I am currently setting up classes to begin in Philadelphia in the new year. If you know of a venue that would be interested in offering Nia Technique classes, please contact me at

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Nia Technique: When in California, I frequently sub the following classes, which I used to teach: Wednesdays & Fridays 11am @ the Jewish Community Center in San Francisco. Jessica Obando and Julia Rigler are the current instructors.

JCC Location & Directions .


Barbara Boxhall Stillness Retreats Director, Chichester, UK
After just two Nia classes with LeeAnn I am amazed to notice how different my body feels. My posture has changed and I feel re-connected to the trunk of my body. As a consequence my back pan has really eased. I feel really good!
Nina Emett Mother, Brighton UK
Nia is a wonderful uplifting class with inspiring music and beautiful movement which makes you connect to yourself. You leave with a spring in yourself and a renewed sense of purpose.
Afke Coehoorn Creative Therapist, Brighton UK
Nia dance is a wonderful celebration of the body and soul. A joyful invitation to explore and express my energy in a natural flow. An internal massage for the organs. I love it!

History and How It Works

Nia was one of the first fusion fitness programs, blending movement from the dance arts (Duncan dance, modern dance, jazz), martial arts (tai chi, taikwondo, aikido) and healing arts (yoga, Alexander Technique, the work of Moshe Feldenkrais). Unlike traditional aerobic exercise classes, Nia works WITH the design of the body to deliver healing effects, while at the same time encouraging fun, spontaneity and personal choice.

Nia was created in the early 1980s in California by Debbie and Carlos Rosas, a couple of aerobics instructors who were fed up with their students’ frequent complaints about injury and joint pain. Through the study of anatomy and extensive training in nine complementary movement forms, they developed Nia – an ever-evolving one-hour fitness class designed to engage all of the body’s 13 joints and muscle groups in a healthy and ergonomically sound way.

The beauty of Nia is that you won’t feel the hours of careful intention that go into the design of each and every Nia class. You just feel great. From the first strains of warm-up music to the last breath of the cool-down, Nia students are encouraged to focus on Nia principle #1 – the Joy of Movement. “If you experience pleasure, keep doing that! If not, tweak your movement until it comes back…”
Good advice in dance, as well as in life.

Natasha Stempt Burgess Hill, UK
Nia has managed to change a sluggish, negative and unfit young woman into an energetic, positive and fit young woman! I can’t recommend it enough. It’s bought this woman back to life!
Mandy Paley, Hypnotherapist Brighton, UK
I love Nia for the sense of freedom it gives me to really express myself. I am 50yrs old and love to dance. Nia opens up a world where I can be creative and move my own way to music that makes me feel young and sexy without any judgments. My fitness in body and mind has changed immensely allowing me to feel truly wonderful.
Kyle Briggs, Director of Human Resources Richmond, Texas, USA
NIA was a very interesting experience for me the first time I tried it. Now that I’ve done NIA a few times I can confidently say that the workouts are beneficial. The movements that combine strength and cardio have pushed me in different ways than other exercise programs. The no impact and alignment characteristics were especially important to me and I’ve felt a difference already. NIA is a great way to get or stay in shape.