The Living in Motion “Dojo” Community

You are the Architect of Your Own Health & Wellness

Do you want to be part of a REVOLUTION…?

…the quiet kind that rolls in under the radar when other people are busy going about their day-to-day lives? The Living in Motion Dojo brings together deep, heartfelt women from around the world who want to create a lifestyle of Radical Wellness by trusting the wisdom of their bodies.

 Rather than jump on board with the next fad, fashionable trend or quick fix approach, we seek health and personal transformation through our own embodied experience. We explore the universal truths of what it means to be human. Our goal is to THRIVE.

 We would LOVE for you to join us.


Dojo  (dōjō) n. - a Japanese term meaning “place of the way.” A formal gathering place for students to train together in martial arts.


Why join a “Dojo” community?

You want to THRIVE, but you’re leery about the amount of time or money it would take tackle your health and wellness head on.

You might even feel guilty that you’re not already THRIVING. People rely on you, and there’s pressure to look like you’ve got your life under control.


And yet, sometimes…

  • You fall apart in moments when you need to be “just fine”
  • You say “it’s ok” but feel hurt inside
  • You put activities that bring you joy last on your priority list
  • You skip lunch to get things done, then crash afterward
  • You give more than you should and feel resentful later


Have you considered that your BODY’s MESSAGES can offer a unique doorway to what you REALLY WANT in life?


When it comes to THRIVING, the devil is in DOING it. You already know what you “should” do… but you are human. Habits, social norms, others’ needs and work to-dos get in the way.

In the Living in Motion Dojo you will be encouraged to BE exactly where you are (no guilt!!), LISTEN to the wisdom of your body, and PRACTICE new habits that naturally lead to a lifestyle of Radical Wellness.

The first step is to say, “I’m in.”


The Details

In the Living in Motion Dojo, you will be surrounded by real women who face real life issues, and deal with them imperfectly, just like you.


As a member of the Living in Motion Dojo, you will receive:

  • Weekly posts that set the wellness “focus” for the week and simple weekly actions to practice
  • Access to a private Facebook community, where members share breakthroughs and struggles, ask questions, and get support
  • One monthly interactive tele-seminar, featuring an out-of-the-box & relevant wellness related topic
  • And more!


In 2013 we will cover topics like:

Radical self-care, movement and exercise, saying no, re-centering in a triggering situation, orgasm, living a “turned on” life, healthy expression of emotions, trusting your intuition, taking back your calendar, receiving pleasure, listening to the wisdom of your body… and more!


If you want to…

  • CONNECT with a community of authentic, passionate & supportive women
  • BUST the common myths about health, and DISCOVER how simple actions can have a huge impact on your wellbeing
  • OUTGROW the habits that have been passed down by generations of women in your family, and start BEING the woman you were born to be


If you envision a future where you…

  • Experience more authentic JOY, EASE and FLOW in your daily life
  • Replace anger and frustration with GENUINE curiosity and empowerment
  • Develop more RESILIENCE toward illness, crisis, and life’s little curve balls
  • Forge a more patient, loving relationship with your BODY
  • TRUST your inner compass


… then you’ve come to the right place. Will you join us today?


The cost of membership is $100 for the year (that’s right, less than $9 a month).  If you’re ready to dive in, read no further. Go ahead email me at to SIGN UP.

Or schedule a free 15-minute call to find out why the Dojo is a good fit for you!


Still on the FENCE?

Most of us genuinely want to THRIVE. We daydream about what it would be like, but we often avoid taking the most simple, crucial steps toward what we want. Here’s my perspective on some of the reasons you may hesitate to sign up:


I don’t have the money right now.

I hear you. But $100 a year is less than the cost of two cups of coffee a month.

And honestly, money is NEVER the real reason we don’t do something we want to do. In fact, GIVING yourself the loving gift of participation in this community might be the VERY kind of action that will help you create the life you most desire.


I’m already doing a lot of different things. I don’t have time for one more community or tele-course.

First: This Dojo WILL compliment and tie together all the other pieces of your life. I draw from timeless principles that underlie all other health, fitness, healing, personal development, spiritual and wellness work. You can apply the weekly lessons to everything you do. The Dojo will help you integrate.

Second: I’ll bet you give a lot to people. Right? I promise this group will be a safe place to crash, grow, get support, fuck up, be yourself, and receive love. It shouldn’t take any MORE energy than you’re already spending… rather, we’ll be holding you.


I’ve tried all sorts of stuff like this in the past, and it didn’t stick.

The wellness industry is riddled with FADS that don’t withstand the test of time. There are also healers of every shape and size that CAN powerfully support a change in your body or your energy. (Many of them are my good friends and colleagues!)

AND, the BOTTOM LINE is: your internal stance toward your health and healing, and the simple actions you take day to day, are the ONLY things that can anchor a new lifestyle long-term. The Dojo is a place to practice.


If THAT speaks to you, let’s dive in.



P.S. You will be surprised… and inspired.


Ready Now? Go ahead and email me to sign up.  Or request a 15-minute check in to find out how the Living in Motion Dojo can help YOU with YOUR unique wellness challenges and goals

What’s it like to work with LeeAnn?

 I am a quiet revolutionary for the truth about our bodies. My mission is to help people see who they really are. I was trained by a unique lineage of body-mind-spirit integration gurus who have healed cancer through visualization, managed dyslexia through dance, built community with music, and released emotional trauma through bodywork and martial arts. I preach only what I practice, and I invite you along for the ride.


Here are some words of praise from my clients about my unique approach…

I loved working with LeeAnn because of her sense of empathy and her gentleness. It was AWESOME!! I love that she really created a safe space for anything and everything, yet you also keep us accountable. I never felt pressured except for when I was doing it myself. Her encouragement and shared sense of sympathy reassured me that I wasn’t alone.

 There was also something really inspiring about the online community. It’s humbling, but simultaneously encouraging to share in a community. Even though I’d never met these women, I was able to witness to deeply vulnerable topics and couldn’t help but feel as though I was sharing the experience of life with them.

- Courtney Miller, CA


LeeAnn has a way of giving you what you need, in the present moment, in her Nia dance teaching and her coaching. It helps you, in a very pleasant, fun and joyful way, to be aware of yourself, and of what you really want. I´ve experienced that taking class with LeeAnn, is a great opportunity to grow, to heal, to find and enjoy the true path in your life.

 In my very first NIA class with LeeAnn, while we were dancing, an insight came clearly to my mind: “Who taught me that I am weak, when actually I am very strong?” I was quite shocked, and I realized it was true in my life. I had been repeating with a recent boyfriend the same pattern I learned from my family: believing I was weak. The insights changed my life in the months after: I broke up with the boyfriend, and I started working to tryst my own my strength. I’ve started to feel with a new freedom, happiness and feeling of wholeness in my life.

- Sonia, Anthropologist & Yoga Instructor, CA


I really appreciate LeeAnn’s style of support. She has a depth of emotional knowledge and experience, and gets things on many levels. Her approach makes me feel really comfortable laying it all out on the table. I don’t feel I have to hide who I am when I work with her. I also don’t have to explain a lot to her. It’s as though she’s already got me, even before I start talking sometimes.

 Her wisdom made me feel safe to dive in. Since our work together, I’ve stopped making myself run a marathon every day, and started recognizing that I want to enjoy today. I’ve started making myself the most important thing in my life… even when it means I have to say “no.”

- Lee Pope, self-employed energy healer, Virginia