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The Guts’n Grace eCourse is an eight-week group coaching program for women facing health challenges. The course teaches powerful self-care, embodiment and vibration-raising techniques that enhance physical healing. Guts’n Grace is designed to help you fill in the CRUCIAL MISSING PIECE that isn’t covered in your medical treatment plan, so that you can THRIVE. Keep reading to find out more about how… 

Next course begins mid January 2013.


Welcome.  I am SO glad you’re here.

I get it. You didn’t ask for this.

You were busy enjoying your life (more or less) and then out of the blue, THIS. From the world of the normal and able, to the land of the sick, helpless and confused.

I know that the last thing you want to hear me say right now is, “hey… have you considered this unexpected intrusion in your otherwise normal life just might be a GIFT?”  But that’s what I’m here for. To tell you the things you might not feel like hearing. Because these are the VERY THINGS that will make ALL the difference in your quality of life, starting today.

I’m not going easy on you, because I’d be willing to bet that what you need right now is a TON of moral support: equal parts BIG big empathy and TOUGH tough love.

Oh yeah, AND a healthy dose of Joy. But we’ll get to that!


What do I mean by getting on a “Healing Path”?

If I were to tell you that HEALING was about WAY more than just taking your medication, what would you say?

You want to get better, right?

You want to feel less afraid, more empowered, physically healthier, emotionally happier and back in control of your life. You want to walk down the street and feel alive. You want to kiss your lover, hug your children, enjoy a wonderful meal at your favorite restaurant, feel the energy of life run through your body as you dance to your favorite song…

…and do all the things that healthy, happy, whole human beings do.

Well we’re going to do them. In fact, I am going to hold you accountable to ALL the pleasures you’ve been denying yourself in life.

And more.

Because THAT’s exactly what it takes to HEAL.

That’s right… it isn’t about waiting to get better. You’ve got it backward, My Love. It’s about taking empowered action toward your own well being. It’s about REAL accountability, RADICAL self-care and REDISCOVERING joy.  It’s about diving in and dancing in the rain… And I know JUST the community of women who can support you to do it…


My Personal Invitation to You:

In the Guts’n Grace Course, I will teach you all the basics of a joyful, radically healthy lifestyle that is SO fulfilling that you nearly forget you’re still in the process of healing your physical body.  If you join me on the path, I promise that I will help you go-to-bat for your own wellness… and teach you a thing or two about self-healing that I’ve learned along the way.


By the way, there is one more really important thing you should know.

MOST Western medical treatment plans, great as they may be, fail to account something that is CRUCIAL to your healing. The research of cancer treatment specialist Dr. Donald Yance, founder of the Mederi Foundation, shows that MOST Western medical interventions are designed to ATTACK the illness… like going to battle. In other words, they BREAK DOWN your body, mind and spirit.

(And sometimes it’s NEEDED. But this is also why many treatments have nasty side effects.)

What they fail to do, however, is really BUILD your system BACK UP! That means, if you really want to heal, you’ve got to SEEK OUT this missing piece on your own.


Your solution: The Guts’n Grace Self-Healing e-Course

The Guts’n Grace e-course is specifically designed to help you FILL IN the CRUCIAL MISSING PIECE that isn’t covered in your medical treatment plan.  AND as your body gets better, your investment becomes the platform for a sustainable LIFESTYLE of TOTAL WELLNESS that you get to keep for the rest of your life.

If that sounds good to you, have a look at the course details below and sign up to get started today.


Nuts, Bolts & Important Course Details

Guts’n Grace is a six-week e-course featuring short weekly lessons delivered in audio format, an introduction to a unique body-mind integration methodology with 30+ years of research and development, two group coaching calls per week on Wednesday & Friday mornings with a powerful and supportive coach, and access to a private online community of like-minded women who are forging their path to good health.

You will also receive

  • A series of dance/movement activities, in video format, that free the spirit and deliver a healthy dose of Joy
  • Music playlist recommendations that raise your vibration and increase your healing potential
  • Weekly blog posts that deepen your relationship with your body


Course Benefits

  • You will shift your misconceptions about health, and learn what it REALLY takes for the body to heal.
  • You will develop a proactive attitude toward wellness that extends far beyond your current diagnosis.
  • You will learn to listen to your body’s instinctive messages so that you can make empowered choices about your health.
  • You will shift the conditions that created your disease, so that you can avoid future recurrence.
  • You will unearth the ONE KEY habit that prevents you from thriving and take meaningful steps to change it NOW.
  • Your commitment to yourself will skyrocket, so that you can start living a full, meaningful, juicy life where every moment counts.
  • And more…


Course Results

My previous clients have gone from:

  • feeling at war with their bodies to creating a collaborative, loving partnership with their bodies
  • feeling at the mercy of their diagnosis to feeling inspired about being on the path to body, mind and spirit healing
  • over-giving and putting themselves last to asking for help, receiving love and support and enjoying being the leading lady of their own lives
  • feeling depressed, helpless and off track to taking meaningful action in life and feeling on “purpose”


My clients have also successfully:

  • Improved their immune system response and felt healthier
  • Re-united with old hobbies that bring them Joy
  • Made peace with their imperfections
  • Fallen in love with their bodies again
  • Ended toxic relationships and built more supportive, life-affirming relationships
  • Completed medical treatment programs with a positive attitude and positive results
  • Created a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that they love

(You can also scroll all the way down to read some testimonials from my past coaching clients.)


Who exactly can benefit from this course?

Guts’n Grace is designed for women who are facing a health crisis or challenge. The diagnoses of women on this course may include: early stage cancer, cancer remission, burnout,chronic fatigue, infertility, injury/accident, aids, hepatitis, lupus, MS and others.

The best results are usually obtained by women who are:

  • Recently diagnosed, and committed to pursuing healing while fully living life…
  • In remission or recently cured, and committed to avoiding recurrence…
  • Newly inspired to take healing action, though facing a chronic condition.

Your ATTITUDE will determine your success in the course. Regardless of your diagnosis, if you are ready to do what it takes to revamp your lifestyle for the sake of your healing, you can benefit from this course.

Note: I am not an expert on any one of these illnesses, nor do I promise that you will be cured. Rather my role is to serve as your guide in making the lifestyle shifts that enhance your healing.


Still want to know more? You’re a woman who wants all the facts!  Click HERE to find out exactly what you can expect to learn during our six weeks together.


Are you READY to get on the PATH?

Great. As soon as you sign up, you will receive your INTRODUCTION PACKAGE and can begin crafting your total wellness lifestyle immediately. I am capping the next class at just 12 women, in order to create the most intimate and supportive environment.

The next round of Guts’n Grace begins Mid January 2013. The cost is $695 (though I do have a few need based scholarships available). That’s right, by signing up for the course, you get ALL of the lessons, coaching, group access, video activities and BONUS support for just $695.


If you are ready to sign up, click the button above to visit my secure paypal site. 

OR if you want to talk to me in person about how the Guts’n Grace course can help YOU, go here to book a 20-Minute THRIVE session today.



Still skeptical that a program like this is right for YOU?

“I fit your demographics, but are you SURE this course is really going to work for ME?”

The answer is YES. With one caveat. IF you are one of those women who has EVERYTHING already figured out…

  • who doesn’t believe the mind and body are connected…
  • who has already gone through all of the deep personal transformation that she’ll ever need to do…
  • whose life was actually perfect before getting sick…
  • who has nothing she’s sad or angry about in her personal relationships…
  • who is already 100% connected with her greatest passion and has no fears or blocks about dedicating her life to it…
  • and whose relationship with her body is otherwise absolutely fine…

Then this course may not be for you.

But if a little voice inside still whispers, “yes, it’s true! There is more than just illness for me to heal”  …then I guarantee this course will strongly support your healing path.


Money Back Wellness Guarantee

In fact, I believe so strongly in the Total Wellness Lifestyle approach to self-healing that I’m willing to offer you a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  If you dive in, do ALL of your assignments, complete ALL weekly exercises, come to ALL of our classes, ask questions, and you do not feel you have increased your level of wellness, I will happily return your money.


Still have a few more questions? Click here for my FAQ


Are you READY NOW?

I’m glad to hear it. The only thing between you and your path is COMMITMENT. I’ve found in my own life that mountains start to move when I take the first step. Remember, I am capping the next class at just 12 women, and the next course begins mid January 2013. You will get the benefit of six weeks of intimate group coaching support for just $695.

 If you are ready to sign up, click the button above to visit my secure paypal site!

OR click here to speak to me about the Guts’n Grace course by booking a 20-Minute THRIVE session.


One last thing before you go

I know that YOUR HEALING is the absolute most important thing to you right now… AND it isn’t your entire life.

  • If you don’t want to be treated like someone who is sick…
  • If you love to give to others, and feel frustrated at this setback that keeps you from what you love…
  • If being challenged and engaged makes you feel alive…
  • If you want to move forward so that you can get back to the rest of your life…

You are in the right place.

Trust me, taking six weeks of your life to “put your own airmask on first” WILL leave you more equipped to DO the work you love, and BE the woman you were born to be. Whatever your prognosis.



P.S. December 2nd is right around the corner. Whatever path you choose, I beg you: don’t let your fear of taking the first step keep you from living a joyful, radically healthy life.


Praise, Kudos & Thank You’s

In case you’re curious about what it’s like to work with me, check out what some of my past clients have to say about the “Velvet Hammer.”


I met LeeAnn at a challenging point in my life. Outwardly, I would have been considered successful. However, I was struggling inside.  Through coaching with LeeAnn, I made dramatic shifts in my life. Her support and guidance were integral in helping me see how my actions were getting me exactly what I didn’t want – pushing people away, feeling like a victim, and living in fear.  

By meeting me where I was and holding me accountable in a compassionate way, LeeAnn helped equip me to make different and better choices. Now I am more centered than I ever have been, with more joy in my life. LeeAnn helped me to recognize that I was missing the present moment, which I now recognize as a beautiful gift.  

 - Danielle Scaturro, Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, New York, NY


Thank YOU LeeAnn for your support in our coaching sessions.  When I talk to you, it’s like me saying, LeeAnn, I can’t get through this brick wall.  And you tell me, have you considered it may be made of something else? And so I try, OK, this is a wall of cotton, and I walk right through it.  Amazing!

Aryani Ong, Board Chair, Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Literacy, MD, USA


My session with LeeAnn Mallorie was restorative, balanced, and quite helpful.  I am a certified massage therapist/health professional so I am quite selective about who I will trust to work with me. LeeAnn brings a natural intuition and professionalism to her work that was evident to me within the first few minutes of our session.  The goals we set at the onset of our session were fulfilled. I sincerely feel comfortable recommending her work. 

Polly St. John-Hughes, Biopro Consultant, San Rafael, CA, USA


LeeAnn kept me growing in one of the most difficult times of my life.  As a coach, LeeAnn combines in depth knowledge of human behavior, and intellectual brilliance, authenticity, emotional connectedness, and empathy; along with a gift for listening at multiple levels. Her ability to bring who she is to what she does made her extremely effective in coaching me through a major health crisis.

Roger Ford, Los Angeles, CA, USA


LeeAnn slowly and skillfully, through insightful questions and caring comments, lifted a mirror to me, focusing my attention inward to find my part in a very difficult relationship. Before our work together I felt boxed-in. Always patient, LeeAnn was instrumental in helping me pivot my thoughts, feelings and actions. It has been a game-changer for me.

Bill Darden, Chief Engineer, Atlantic Test Range, NAVAIR, Pax River, MD, USA


LeeAnn helped me see how others see me. As a coach, she is insightful and not shy about sharing her observations, with an overarching genuine interest in me and my personal development.  Her body-based (somatic) exercises were perfect to help me loosen up and practice being more natural.  It is fun to do that practice around others (e.g. relax my shoulders, loosen my stance, display emotion, yes – even smile) and I’ve become better at it. LeeAnn is sincere and fun and knows what she’s doing!  BUT don’t think she’ll solve all your problems – YOU have to do that part – she will just help you find the right direction and coach you along the way.  Thanks LeeAnn!

Todd Anderson, VP & General Manager, Commercial Vehicles Industry, MI, USA