Full Circle

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Full Circle

Last week, as I was reflecting on the ways we run from the empty space in our lives, I had the pleasure to chat with a good friend by phone.


Like me, she had run out of excuses for running, and was sitting in silence in the empty space. Immediately I noticed her tenderness. She felt soft and open – cracked open almost. With her heart gingerly exposed, she shared a story about facing her deep fears in her most intimate relationship. In that moment, I dropped down another level of understanding to find my own truth about empty space.


In the space, there is room to feel my true emotions.


What’s more, as a woman who is constantly moving, achieving, visioning, fulfilling and all-‘round getting things done, I remembered the importance of letting myself be held. The dark, wet, messy tide of my emotions always has something important to offer, if I’m willing to listen. And, It gives others the opportunity to play a different role.


As another friend revealingly joked, “It feels kinda good to see you falling apart right now… Lately I’ve gotten tired of always being the one who was a mess, and now I’m enjoying being the strong one who holds you!”


Her candor struck me. If I am always striving to be the strong one… who has to be the weak one for that to be true?


If you haven’t already done it, this week I invite you to hang out in the empty space (and whatever emotions accompany it) for just a bit longer.


Don’t worry about not getting things done. You will. When the space closes, a wave of new activity will open. When the wave ends, another space of deepening and reflection will open. By not resisting the ebb and flow, our lives have the opportunity to come full circle in a healthy, natural and balanced way.


This week I invite you to ask yourself the question: If the rhythm of my life were a never ending circle, with the bottom being the slow, dark and still empty moment for reflection, and the top being the peak of action and productivity, where would I locate myself on that circle right now?


Am I letting myself be there, or am I in a hurry to get to a different point on the circle? Where else am I trying to be, if not there? Why?


I believe our natural rhythm is a trustworthy companion that can guide us in most exquisite ways when we allow it. I wonder… if you allow yourself the magic of coming full circle this time, what magic will unfold?


Right here, right now,





  1. Ahhh. That went in. Enjoying and deepening into the space. Thank you.

  2. wow – the image of life as a never ending circle and me actually being there where I am…it is very helpful.
    Thankyou lovely!

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