Q: There is no hard scientific evidence that proves that emotional & psychological factors affect physical healing. Aren’t you giving false hope?

A: True, and not true. While folks in the medical field may argue that there is no scientific evidence that “proves” that anabolic interventions are critical to physical healing, new scientific evidence is coming out every day that supports it. Not to mention the thousands of people, both famous and unknown, who give anecdotal evidence in their personal memoires of self-healing. Check out my recommended reading list for more information.

In addition, my mentors have spent the last 30 years honing alternative healing techniques, while healing themselves bodies of physical, mental and emotional dis-ease. More on their methodologies here.


Q: If you can’t 100% guarantee that I will cure my physical body of illness, then why should I sign up?

A: Ah yes. The simple answer is: EXACTLY. In the event you were UNABLE to fully heal your physical body, wouldn’t you want to be living the most fulfilling, juicy, healthy lifestyle possible for the precious weeks, months or years you have left? (I’m absolutely not joking here. Sit with it for yourself.)


Q: Six week is such a long time… can’t you give me the condensed version?

A: So this is a lifestyle course. In other words, as we work together you are going to learn and embody a very new way of being in the world. Needless to say, you’ve BEEN being the way you currently are for many years. It takes some time to embody real change. In fact, some women may even want to repeat the course a second time.

Even if I could shorten the course by taking out some of the (valuable) course lessons, I would NOT want to rush you through quickly and leave you with a half-baked transformation.


Q: How can we do intense physical, emotional, and psychological healing work ONLINE? I’d better look for a coach or a group that meets in person, no?

A: A great point. I’ve had some considerations about this myself in the past. But remember the goal of this course is for YOU to learn how to heal YOURSELF. I personally have found that the semi-anonymous format of telephone based group coaching + Facebook community can be a powerfully transformational space. AND, I regularly do all of the physical activities I assign in my course. So as long as you DO your assignments, and bring your questions to class, I can guide you.

This way, rather than me “give you a fish,” you learn how to fish on your own.


I’ve tried to think of everything in my FAQ, but in case you still have questions, let’s chat. Email me and I’d be happy to answer as best I can!