Somatic Coaching & Bodywork

take a body-mind-spirit approach to personal transformation

Somatic Coaching is an innovative approach in which the mind, emotions and physical body are seen as playing critical roles in leadership and communication success. Somatic coaching supports you to create change at a cellular level. And that’s what makes it so effective.

  • Do you have a feeling that you’ve hit a wall and really need to advance to your next level now? Get prepared to move outside your comfort zone and step up to the challenge that is calling you today.
  • Are the words “What got you here won’t get you there” starting to ring true? We all come with a built-in set of strengths. Expand your range of skills so you can do what’s needed achieve at higher levels.
  • Are you ready to do what it takes to create the work – and life – that you want? Learn how to stop being the victim of things that happen to you… and start making things happen.


Have you ever tried to make yourself do something different and failed? Either it you do it a few times with great effort, and then fall back into old habits… or it’s just plain hard, right? The effect is similar to putting a Band-aid over a wound. The surface looks different, but the Band-aid itself isn’t responsible for the deeper level healing that is needed.

From a neurobiological perspective, you know that the brain stores memories. Memories affect thought and emotion, which affect action. If you are unaware or unpracticed at interrupting that process, you are literally living as a reaction machine. It sounds dramatic, but think for example about the last time you got angry or said something you later regretted.

If you want to take effective action, change your behavior, improve your businesses, or simply act by choice, you MUST become intimate with our own autopilot mechanisms. Somatic coaching supports you to develop that awareness and build skills to work with them to create the results that you want.

In our coaching sessions, I will serve as a mirror and support you to go through the walls that currently block your success – not just talk about what it would be like to go through them.

Are you read to take the next step? Contact me about setting up a free introductory conversation to find out how Somatic Coaching can help you get there.

Three Powerful Influences on LeeAnn’s Coaching & Training Work

Todd Anderson VP & General Manager, Commercial Vehicles Industry, MI, USA
LeeAnn helped me see how others see me. As a coach, she is insightful and not shy about sharing her observations, with an overarching genuine interest in me and my personal development. Her body-based (somatic) exercises were perfect to help me loosen up and practice being more natural. It is fun to do that practice around others (e.g. relax my shoulders, loosen my stance, display emotion, yes – even smile) and I’ve become better at it. LeeAnn is sincere and fun and knows what she’s doing! BUT don’t think she’ll solve all your problems – YOU have to do that part – she will just help you find the right direction and coach you along the way. Thanks LeeAnn!
Polly St. John-Hughes Biopro Consultant, San Rafael, CA, USA
I found my Strozzi Somatics session with LeeAnn Mallorie restorative, balanced, and quite helpful. I am a certified massage therapist/health professional so I am quite selective about who I will trust to work with me. LeeAnn brings a natural intuition and professionalism to her work that was evident to me within the first few minutes of our session. The goals we set at the onset of our session were fulfilled and I could see continued work with LeeAnn would be of great value to me. I sincerely feel comfortable recommending her work.
Roger Ford, M.A. Life Coach, Los Angeles, CA, USA
LeeAnn combines in depth knowledge of human behavior, and intellectual brilliance, authenticity, emotional connectedness, and empathy; along with a gift for listening at multiple levels. Her ability to bring who she is to what she does made her extremely effective in coaching me through, while keeping me growing in some of the most difficult times of my life.