Depth: Honoring Past, Inviting Future

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Depth: Honoring Past, Inviting Future

Lean forward.

A little more. Feel the sun on your face.

Feel your shoulders pressed into the space ahead. Open your eyes. Look out at the world. Don’t just look…peer. With a sense of searching, of curiosity, of yearning, let your gaze pierce into the unknown before you…

In your body, there is a sense of alertness. And openness. In your mood, a sense of anticipation. “I’m ready,” you think.

In the discourse of Somatics, the front of the body, and the space ahead, represents the future space. Our relationship with creation, with longing, with vision and with drive can all be experienced through our bodily relationship with this space.

Who are you, when it comes to the future?

Not long ago, I would have told you I was a little out of balance in this domain. With Aries as part of my astrological make-up, I often found myself in a hurry to get things done. Not just get things done – to create the next thing. You see I have a strong sense of future vision  (a strength)… but a low tolerance for ambiguity, a pretty big lack of patience, and a good deal of confusion about the distance between what I could “see” and what else needed to happen along the way in order to get there.  It was as though I was always anticipating the future SO strongly that I’d reach forward and try to drag it into the present tense.

Laughing out loud as I write this… as you can imagine, it didn’t quite work so well.

Like a stubborn bull, the future would resist. “I’m coming” it whispered back… “but I’m coming in my own time. And you… you are just going to have to wait.”

Perhaps you can relate?

In my own dance with the future space, I’ve learned to practice leaning slightly back. Returning my body, mind and soul to upright-present-tense can re-ground me in what is happening right now. With this move, I am centering in the present. Although it’s a slight tweak, it’s enough to shift my awareness to the current moment. From this position, I’m more easily able to see the steps between now and the future I envision.

Sometimes, there are many. And sometimes… well… there’s really nothing to do but wait with open arms until the new day arrives.

From this position, I am also more able to respond appropriately to the people and situations I am facing today. Without expectation or demand. Trusting them to be who they currently are. Having a vision for them, and yet enough patience to relate with them as human beings in process – rather than something to get done.

This week I invite you to get curious about your relationship with somatic depth. In addition to the space ahead, depth, in the embodied sense, also includes your back, and the space behind.

For many of us, the back is easy to forget!

Representing your past, your training, trauma, your childhood history of experiences – both positive and negative, your “back story” and even the family legacies and ancestral wisdom you carry, the back is also a rich part of our somatic experience. Our relationship with it can equally be wrought with struggle and avoidance… or a place where we linger in order to avoid facing what is happening now.

What would it be to honor your past, and include it in your present day experience of self, while not putting so much attention there that the present gets overshadowed by its vastness?

Can you own your back as an integral part of your present-day self?

As you explore these questions, I invite you to play in both the physical and the psychological realms.

For example, in your movement practice,

Notice your tendency to lean forward or lean back as you move. It sound simple, but the habitual response can be incredibly telling. In sharing this work recently with an executive coaching client, I commented on his driven, future oriented style. “For example, I’d guess when you run you tend to lean slightly forward.” He gasped. “Woah! How did you know! No kidding I get feedback from people all the time, who comment on how it looks like I’m leaning into the wind when I jog, or even walk down the hall!”


Our bodies don’t lie. Of course. They are an integral part of how we carry our habits, patterns and history throughout our lives. With no judgment… what is your body’s relationship with depth (particularly in motion) saying about you right now?

In life,

I invite you to take note of your tendencies. Do you often reach for the future? Hide from the past? Hang out in anxiety or drama that comes from your history? Avoid looking at what’s coming next?

Do you own your credentials? Does your family legacy have a strong grip on your current day life choices?

In what ways are you in balance – or out of balance – when it comes to your relationship with depth? How do you navigate past, present, and future in your life, work and relationships?

Again, with no judgment, you can use this information to explore your habit… and to center more deeply in the present tense.

Present with you,



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