Conference Weaving & Group Energizers

community building through playful movement and sound

I bet you’re organizing a big event.

A corporate conference? A community gathering? A party of sorts?


Regardless of the details, you know you’ve got a great event planned. And you’re looking to make it even better.


What’s missing?  A little MOVEMENT. And a little SOUND.

Here’s the thing. In countries around the world, people use music and movement to bring groups together.

Through music: feelings are expressed, intentions are set, and community members are brought into alignment – literally we “tune” in to one another.

Through movement: energy is stirred, excitement is built, and the great ideas in our minds are brought home into the body – literally we “embody” what we stand for.

THIS is exactly what I’d most love to do for you.

Some folks call me a Corporate Monkey. I kind of like it, actually.


How it works

I’m a HUGE believer in “custom-built” when it comes to community building activities and energizers.

You’ve put HOURS of thought into the minute details of your event. It matters to you that the person at the front of the room is in TOTAL ALIGNMENT with the mission of your gathering.

I SPECIALIZE in EMBODIMENT. That means I can take any intention, feeling, quality, goal, or topic and put it into movement & sound.

(And I can lead you and your group to do it with me. Cool, eh? Check out my blog for some examples).

If you are interested in working with me, the FIRST STEP is for us to have a conversation. You describe your event: the mission, the vision, and the reason you’re considering movement & sound as a medium of facilitation.

We then set a goal together for the role I will play, and create an outline of WHAT I will facilitate, WHEN and WHY.


Some examples of the kind of activities I do

  • Five-minute movement energizers for groups of 50-500 tailored to the day’s theme
  • Call-and-response voice energizers for groups of 50-500 tailored to the day’s theme
  • Embodiment activity in pairs, tailored to the day’s theme for groups of 5-500
  • Fifteen-minute “movement break” for conference participants between sessions
  • Improvised song teambuilding activity for absolute beginner groups of 5-25
  • Improvised music performance based on audience request for groups of 20-200
  • One-hour optional movement class for 5-30 conference participants
  • And more…


Ready to learn more?

If you like what you’re reading, and you’re ready to take the next step, let’s chat. Email me and we’ll schedule some phone time together.


Full disclosure on RATES:

My rates vary depending on the kind of organization I’m working with (funding, mission, purpose), so come prepared to talk openly about budgets.


Want to see Photos? Interested in a Discount?

Sorry for the unfortunate lack of photos on my site at this time. Recently I’ve been facilitating at SUPER PRIVATE and highly confidential conference events. Most impressive, yes, but not great for marketing and PR.

If you do decide to work with me, and are willing to provide a testimonial and photos I can post on this site, I’ll offer a 20% discount off my standard rates for our work together.


One more thing

There is one more thing you should know. I try to keep this on the down-low, but I also moonlight as an incredibly successful, hard-hitting corporate EXECUTIVE COACH for Learning as Leadership Inc.

I offer this information just in case you’re worried about my credentials, or have considerations about whether I’ll “fit in” at with clients at your event.

Of course, if your event ISN’T corporate, you can forget I said anything. Mind erase. I can put that personality away at will… I only bring it when it’s needed!



Words of Praise

The movement was fun. I enjoyed the fact that it broke up a week of sitting still and helped me start my day. It was also really accessible. You can adapt all of the movements to be harder or easier to suit your needs. – Kathy Seals, Naval Air Systems Command, USA


What I love about LeeAnn is that her joy of the dance fills the room. Her bubbly essence gives a warm invitation to join in and feel the benefits – even going at my beginner’s pace! Thank you, so much.  – Sara Verrall, UK


The energizers were fun. Some were hard, even made me sweat (a good thing)! I felt so much lighter as I went back to the hotel. – Tom Kunz, Shell Oil Company, USA


Never has exercise been more enjoyable than during these classes. There is something for everyone with movement, dance, martial arts & mind body practices. They set you up for the week. – Charlie Plunkett, UK


The voice games were my favorite. I remember the sheer joy of vocalizing and singing for its own sake at the event. I look forward to more fun and exploration. – Laurel Thompson, USA


It’s great to have some movement, forcing my muscles to relax. A different type of exercise with new muscle movements. It was out of my comfort zone just the right amount. – Jenny Dufton, Shell Oil Company, UK


I love LeeAnn’s approach for the sense of freedom she gives me to really express myself. I am 50 years old and love to dance. She opens up a world where I can be creative and move my own way to music without any judgments. It feels truly wonderful. – Mandy Paley, UK


Voice improvisation with LeeAnn is wonderful experience! She is gentle and inspiring. She led the group in a series of exercises that had us singing full out by the end of the activity. At the end I felt clear and energized. – Stefanie Nagorka, USA