About LeeAnn

I believe in GUT-FEELING and intuition.  I believe that MUSIC & MOVEMENT can unlock the soul. I believe that ILLNESS is a wake-up call.  I believe in SIMPLICITY.  I believe in RADICAL SELF-CARE.  I believe experts don’t always know BEST.


I believe in PLAY… that our life depends on it. I believe in BOTH-AND. I believe our INTENTION affects our destiny. I believe that our PRESENCE is the ultimate gift.  I believe we must FEEL in order to HEAL.

My name is LeeAnn Mallorie, aka the Velvet Hammer. That’s a nickname lovingly given by some of my clients, because of my unique coaching style: equal parts BIG big empathy & TOUGH tough love.

As a certified Embodiment coach, Nia Technique instructor and Sound & Voice healer, I help my clients “bridge the body-mind divide.” I believe the fundamental state of human existence is joyful, radical wellness… and the fundamental missing piece for MOST people is the wisdom of the human body.   

In my own words, my work is all about UNLOCKING the HUMAN SPIRIT through the body – yours and my own!

You see, despite the radiant smile on my face today, I haven’t always been quite so present, embodied and alive…


My journey toward human-ness

Though I was born with a strong inclination toward radical authenticity, I quickly found that the social climate wasn’t conducive. As a child, I learned to numb my feelings in day-to-day life, protecting myself from the pains of growing up. With one exception: dance. When I was moving to music, I was fully alive. Dance was my Joy, with a capital J.

By the time I entered the working world, I had started down the very path I vowed I’d never take. I settled for love and for work that almost-but-not-quite made me happy, and resigned to live the disembodied-female legacy that women in my family had long endured.  

Despite the whispers of my soul, I put my passion for music and dance on the back burner, taking care of everyone and everything else first: my lovers, my business, my finances, my family, my friends. If there was anything left for me… well I’d take the scraps, all the while I feeling as though I was starving inside.

When I discovered a lump in my breast at 28 years old, it was as though someone threw cold water on my face. Without drama, I looked up from the life I was living and said to myself, “that’s it. Something has got to change.”  And it did.

I took charge of my healing, followed my intuition and went against the standard recommendation of immediate biopsy. I took responsibility for my life, took steps to get back in my body, and took action to get to the bottom of things. Although I didn’t have cancer, I didn’t take it lightly. I knew intuitively that my body was giving me a wake-up call. I learned that in addition to better self-care and greater authenticity, the ONE THING I most needed to change in order to heal was my addiction to toxic relationships.

What’s more, I learned that when you tackle the ONE THING in the way of your deepest healing, you open the door for your incredible human potential to shine through.


Want to work with me?

Today, I love to support women who are up against a wall with their health. My clients are inspired to shift from the paralysis of a life-changing crisis to the empowerment of a total wellness lifestyle. Through our work, they discover how their illness can be a springboard to become the women they were born to be: body, mind and spirit.

I also LOVE to lead playful, provocative group activities that draw people “out of their shells.” Drawing from my thirty years of experience in music and dance, I create a safe space for people to FEEL more of themselves, TAKE RISKS that both terrify and inspire them, and ENJOY the incredible range of what’s possible in life.

If any of this speaks to you, I’d love to connect!




P.S. Visit this page to learn more about the three most powerful influences on my work.  


“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

– anonymous