20-Minutes 2 THRIVE

FREE Laser Coaching Sessions that Kick-start Your Healing

20-Minutes 2THRIVE is a FREE coaching session where we pinpoint a simple but POWERFUL you can take in order to THRIVE. It is designed for women who want to shift something about their HEALTH and/or relationship with SELF CARE.

How can it be that 20 MINUTES is enough to time to create a transformation?  I believe that the path to radical, joyful wellness is available to EVERYBODY. And it starts with just ONE step.



So you’re interested in getting on the path of healing & transformation… but not sure if you’re ready to dive in head first, right?

Yes, you care about your HEALTH. But you are a busy woman, and you’ve got a LOT of things on your plate right now.

There’s just one small problem. Your BODY keeps getting in the way.

  • Your energy runs out before your to-do list is complete
  • Your anxiety about which exercise classes, coaches, doctors, massage therapists, diets etc. are “best” takes up valuable brain space and derails your creativity
  • Activities that you used to love feel somewhere between “like a chore” and simply “impossible” these days
  • You fall apart in the moments when you most need to be “just fine”
  • The stuckness you feel is starting to eat away at your motivation to take risks and approach life head on, so you’re buckling down and tolerating life as it is

Have you considered that your body is giving you a MESSAGE? One that might offer an inspiring doorway to get what you most WANT in life?


I know that you want to LIVE YOUR LIFE fully.

You want to feel less afraid, more empowered, physically healthier, emotionally happier and in control of your life.

You want to have the energy to finish all your work AND to pursue your passions.

You want to kiss your lover, hug your children, enjoy a wonderful meal at your favorite restaurant, feel the energy of life run through your body as you dance to your favorite song…

And do all the things that healthy, happy, human beings seem to do.

Well then, what are you waiting for?

What if I told you that things could start to change TODAY?

I am here to help you turn up the volume, LISTEN to your body’s messages and start taking some ACTION now.


FREE 20-Minutes 2 THRIVE Session

Join me for a 20-Minutes 2 THRIVE session and we’ll devise a revolution in your lifestyle that moves you toward joyful, radical wellness and creates the conditions for any needed physical, mental or emotional healing to take place.

You will get a FREE 20-minute laser coaching session where we pinpoint together the most powerful NEXT STEP on your path. The session will empower you find the COURAGE to take that step, and help you develop a customized affirmation or action that can be done in 20 minutes per day or less.


  • Feel a greater sense of empowerment regarding your body, mind and spirit
  • Reach clarity about your most powerful next step toward wellness
  • Gain courage and confidence to take that step
  • Harness the power of “20 minutes a day”
  • Learn how my 8-week radical wellness e-course can further support your healing


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Who can benefit most from a 20-Minutes 2 THRIVE Session?

20-Minutes 2 THRIVE sessions are designed for women who want to shift something about their HEALTH and/or relationship with SELF CARE, and are motivated to take a serious step toward wellness. Any woman can benefit, even if she is facing a big health challenge like early stage cancer, cancer remission, chronic fatigue, infertility, MS and others. If you’re not sure, go ahead and sign up… I can help you decide if my work is a good fit!

My role is to serve as your guide, so that you can make the lifestyle shifts that most support your physical, mental and emotional healing.

Note: I am not an expert on illness. In fact, we may not talk about illness at all in our session. And that’s exactly what makes my work both powerful and unique.


YES! I am ready to discover my NEXT STEP toward healing & transformation!


Are you sure this will work? I’ve tried a lot of other things already…

Uh oh… still skeptical? Here’s the scoop.

Most of us crave the feeling of genuine well being. We wish and hope and daydream about what would be like. We do what we’re told, but we avoid taking the most potent step toward what we most want.


  • Because we don’t really know where to start.
  • Because we think we don’t have the answers to what our body needs.
  • Because we might actually have to CHANGE something. Yikes!
  • Because it’s easier to stay stuck than do the ONE thing that could begin to unravel our complaints.

I believe that wellness is about a lot more than picking the right doctor or designing the right fitness plan. It’s about REAL accountability, RADICAL self-self care and most importantly, it’s about reconnecting with a sense of authentic body-felt JOY.

My mission and my passion is about supporting women to create total, radical, joyful wellness, WHATEVER IT TAKES.  Including a kick in the ass for your ego.

We will look at your healing through this lens. You will be surprised… and inspired.

If THAT speaks to you, let’s dive in.



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Some words of praise…

I met LeeAnn at one of the more challenging points in my life. Outwardly, I would have been considered successful. However, I was struggling inside.  Through coaching with LeeAnn, I made dramatic shifts in my life. Her support and guidance were integral in helping me see how my actions were getting me exactly what I didn’t want – pushing people away, feeling like a victim, and living in fear.  

By meeting me where I was and holding me accountable in a compassionate way, LeeAnn helped equip me to make different and better choices. Now I am more centered than I ever have been, with more joy in my life. LeeAnn helped me to recognize that I was missing the present moment, which I now recognize as a beautiful gift.  

 - Danielle Scaturro, Edna McConnell Clark Foundation